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Since 1885 / 45 designers / world-wide shipping

In 1885, Theodosios Diakogiannis (1852 - 1928) was the first one to open a goldsmith's workshop on the island of Kos. Since then, and for four generations now, the jewelry store "DIAKOGIANNIS" has set the bar high for the local goldsmiths and craftspeople. To this day, it continues to offer handmade jewelry of unparalleled aesthetics and high quality with the same dedication, tradition and passion, always in accordance with the principles and timeless values ​​of its founder.


The signature and guarantee "DIAKOGIANNIS" forever accompanies every piece of jewelry and translates into careful and high quality craftsmanship, sophisticated aesthetics, original design, preciousness and uniqueness. Characteristics such as dedication to fine quality materials, creative design, innovation, authenticity and originality, are kept unchanged through time.

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